Halloweeeen! BOooo

Halloween is tomorow, I'm really excited for it because i'm going trick or treating! Hahha I love Halloween because I love CANDY!!!!!!!! I'm going with my freinds Mckenna and Sarah, I thik that Halloweeen is about Witches, Ghost, and Goblins because .. I think a long time ago people would be terrified of this night.. thinking that these evil Spirits would come during this night and attack them and try and make thier body posesed. I believe in spirates but I don't think that they can hurt you. I think that spirates come back from the dead, to help or finish something they never got to finish, i do not belive they come back to haunt people or hur them. I don't belive in spells and stufff, I think all that is abunch of lies. But anyway I have to go but I really like halloween

Do you like Halloweeen?

Do you think  spirits come back from the dead to hurt or protect.. or maybe both?




Snow is here already!!!

Its the beginning of October nad the snow is already here!!!! I hate snow! I wish it would come  on November 25. I month from Christmas. Not juts before Halloween. I am going to freeze when I go trick or treating. The snow came way to early ... I dont even have a winter jacket yet! I was going to go get a fall coat but snow was on the ground already so I had to get out the winter one.. :(



Yesterday was the 57th anniversary of the barcode. Apparantly a long time a ago.. Poeple didnt have barcodes so people that work at stores would have to go through every sigle item in the store and put a sticker on that says the price of the item. I think that the barcode is one of the best inventions out there casue I would deffinatly not want to have to go through every single thing in the store!! That would take days.

Check out my Barcode!




If I was Mayor, I would make Moose Jaw a better place by fixing all our roads ( becasue they are filled with pot wholes) And I would Fix up the schools, and Have a bigger mall. =)  I would have kids fro schools go to Senior Centers and read to them, or just spend an after non wioht them. I would also fix Central High school.. It is a very old schoola dn it could use some repares.

Thast what i would do if i was mayor..


Addicted to Facebook

Hahah I think I'm actually addicted to facebook. I go on At least 8 times a day. It's crazy! I love facebook, I have know idea why. But yeah I am:). I love taking the quizzes and talking on live chat. Haha It's soo funn :) I like making a profile Picture On Picnik. I made one last night. There is probably 5 Billion people that have Facebook in the world. Haha 2 Milion are probably online right now! Haha that would be cool to be able to see how many people in the world have facebook..... And how many were on it right now.


 What do you think about Fcabook?

Do you have an account?

 Do yuo like it or think it is a complete waste of time?

      :P       :)      O._.o


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