As you all know Halloween is tomorrow! I love Halloween because there is candy lots, and lots of candy!!!!!I am really pumped I am being a Demon!! Mrs.Kerney was on the computer talking about how halloween started 160 years ago in 1860's! It was something like people where afraid of Ghost because they would come back on Halloween night and haunt people or something and take over there bodies, so every Halloween night kids and adults would dress up as Ghost, witches, Undead things and then in another Story there was where people would dress up and begg for some kind of cakes and stuff. I do belive in Spirits but other poeple don't. Do you Belilve in them??? what do you think of Halloween? Are you going to go Trick Or  Treating and if you are what are you being for Halloween? !!!?/ Who are you going with? I'm going with McKenna and Vanessa! After I'm done Trick r Treating I'm going to be really hyper! With all that candy!!! comment what you think of Halloween?


Air Cadets!

This weekend i'm going to the base to fly in a glider, for air caedts. I am so excited, this is going to be my first time flying and one of the people at the place said I might to fly one for like 4 mintues, so that sounds pretty exciting, and we get to fly for a half 'N' hour!!!! When you are in a glider it feels like you are floating because when it's flying you cant hear anything. It dosnt make any noise like a normal airplane would, and the is a seat in the front and a seat in the back. Last week on tuesday we got to each but out a small fire thing. When I had the thing it is filled with water not something that they would acttuling use and when I sprayed it I Acctundty sprayed it in the instudors face. That was funny. While we were there we each got ot pull the fire alarm. Well thats all for today (: BYE!


My Barcode name!

Thats my name is barcode!!Cool


Tired Weekends......

On friday I went to regina with Maddi, her brother, and her dad. We went to go watch Maddi's dad kickbox because me and Maddi might join. It's Every friday. On Saturday I had to get up at 6:30 to get read yfor air cadets we were going to be out side all day and this week it was cold. I had jean ons the first day with my sneakers and a couple of layers of coats. I was warmish. And then the next day on sunday i had to wake up at 6:30 again to go to air cadtes again! but this time i was wearing My winter boots and Not jeans but sweat pants and a couple of layers underr that and a cople of layers for my coats and shirts. It was still cold that day but i wasn't as cold.. We learned how to make fires and stuff... And thankfully we dont have air cadets on sunday and saturday and then in two weeks I am going to air cadets n sunday or saturday i forget but this time this is going to be alot of fun. We get to go up in the gliders! And on the 21st I have dentist Appoinment and my dad is coming home! For Good he isn't Leaving till next year and he is going to do it all over again : ( But i am still really excited that he is going be home for a long time not like 3-5 days : )


Kickboxing.... Cadets..... ? !

Today I am going to regina with Maddi and her dad to go cheack out kickboxing. I am going to join it again..... And on saturday and sunday We get to go to some park it starts with a W and on sunday we get to go to conners park. It was supposed to be an over night thing but due to the weather its not anymore...... So i think this week is gonna be fun. I'm Not sure what were doing for cadets Though. What type of sport things are you into?


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