H1N1 Needle! :)

Today we got are H1N1 needles, it didn't hurt at all, i didn't even feel the needle. After you get it your arm is kinda sore! After you got the needle you got a bandaid.. I got a Tazmanian Devil Bandaid from Warner Bros!! smile The people that got the needle and have a bandaid are going to get a bandaid Pictureee!! hahaha. smile     


Science Center!

Yesterday, Our class went to the Science Center. When we first got there they introuduced themselves, and the rules at the Science Center and to have fun. They showed us were we slept, the girls slept on the 3rd floor,in the Anotomy Room and the boys slept on the 2nd floor. After they took us to the Imax theater, We ordered are food smile. The movie we watched was The Phreistortic Sea Creatures or something like that. I screamed at the pop-ups, It was pretty funny! smile

After the Imax, they took us to this Stage show. We picked this Plastic round thing out of a bag, some were Green, and some were blue with numbers on them. The people who picked the blue ones had to something Risky. Some of the things were, Static Demo (melissa did thatbig grin), There were 2 prizes (Carly and Bria won those), There was Gravity Drop (jory did that), Gyro Gym (Leah did that), There was a Grain Elevator Explotion (Miranda did that).

We had Free time for like 5 mins after, it was soo much fun. I kept on getting scared of these Creepy noises. 

There were 2 groups, the first group went rock climbing first and the second group went to watch a video. I was in the second group, the video was about Gambling.. it was about 8-10  mins long. We played this Game after about gambling, i didn't play it though. After the game, we got about another 15 min of free time. there was this thing.. you would take a picture of yourself and it would show you what you would look like when your 72 years old. There was also a Hockey section.. and I definitly went there smile.

After the 15 min.. the second group went Rock Climbing. I didn't go though. I am scared of hights! Well.. the second group was rock climbing.. it was about 11 pm.. and the Pizza came. I was starving by then and i had three pieces of pizza. When everybody was done rock climbing, and eating, we went and had free time for about 15 min.

After that, we went to get ready for bed. it was about 12:05ish. When everybody settled in the lights went out. and Me,Madelaine,Andra, And Stacey were all in one corner and we were the loudest group because we were laughing and making farting sounds (with are mouth) and that made us laugh even more. Me and Andra and Madelaine were going to the Bathroom and on the way there we saw someone running downstairs.  


Haaalllooowwweeennn!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Tomorrow is Halloween.... It is going to be sooo much fun!! :) I am really excited causeeeee... i am going trick or treating with Vanessa and Sarah!!! we are going to be sooo hyper after... especially sarah! haha. Hopefully people arn't handing out Ketchup chips hahha... Vanessa!! lol.

I think halloween is about witches ghost and other scary creatures. Along time ago people were scared of this night.. thinking that all evil spirits would come during the night and attck them.



There is nothing to right about so....

What is everyone doing this weekend?


my Barcode name! :D

This is what my name would look like in Barcode!!! Laughing

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