So Tomorrow is Halloween :) , I'm going as a Zombiee Model Or something else:).. I'll probably just look in the basement for stuff! So Halloween first started..

This is not my writing!!!  I copyied it from a website!!

Both the young and young at heart look forward to the spooky holiday arising on October 31 each year. Dressing up in costumes and trick-or-treating are both customs that are associated with Halloween, but where did Halloween originate from?

The name “Halloween,” comes from “All Hallows Eve,” which came the night before “All Hallows Day,” a Catholic celebration in honor of the saints. Many years before this holiday originated, the Celtic Irish celebrated October 31 as the end of the summer as well as the ‘New Year’ and called it “Samhain” (rhyming with “cow-en”).

The Celtic people believed that on this eve the souls of those who had died during the past year would return in search of living bodies to posses. If they did not posses a living body they would have no chance at the afterlife. None of the living wanted to be possessed by these spirits, so they would put out all the lights in their homes, dress up in ghoulish costumes, and reek havoc in their neighborhood to scare the spirits away.

The Roman Catholics adopted many of the Celt’s practices to their own. As spirit possession became less popular, many began to dress up as witches, goblins, and demons in a more ceremonial way.

Halloween came to America during the 1840’s as Irish immigrants fled Ireland’s potato famine, but contrary to popular belief, this is not where trick-or-treating originated. Trick-or-treating comes from the European custom of “souling.” The day after “All Hallows Day,” Christians would walk from town to town begging for “soul cakes,” which were pieces of bread baked with currents. The more “soul cakes” that were given to the beggars, the more prayers the beggars would promise to the donors. The Roman Catholics believed that the newly dead stayed in “limbo,” and prayers could help the souls get to heaven faster.

Although there is a plethora of literature surrounding the origins of Halloween, it did not begin as a time for “evil” or “devil worshiping,” as many think. It began with the Celtic Irish and Roman Catholics who were celebrating a new year and performing rituals for prayer.

So Thats why and How Halloween Started! :)!

I think Halloween & how it all began is really cool, I would LOVE to travel back in time to see what it would've been like, so cooll:))!!!

Well... thats it:):)!


My Own Car! :)

Well you know how my granny is in the hospital and can't drive anymore, so I was her oldest grand-kid. So I got her car:)! My dad just got back from Toronto with my brother, The flew there, and then they drove the car back! It's a silver, Sunfire Pontiac. It's in pretty good shape too :) Its from 2001, but I'm glad I have my own car at 12! My dad is going to drive it right now then If the roads get really icy, He's going to take the Jeep out. Then probably in the spring again. If we stay in moose jaw, I can start driving it at 15, If we move to Ottawa, I cant drive it until Im 16 :(! Im really excited though because my dad lets me drive on back roads out of moose jaw, and at Lake Diefenbaker, So If we take that one, I can drive it:)!!!:)


Sunday! Gliding:D

On sunday, At 8:30, our air cadets are going gliding! :D We meet at the control tower parking lot. Then we go out in the air field. We have to wait our turn to go. But we each get like a half hour flight!! Im so excited, but then Im scared because There is no engine so nothing can stall, but then again it has no engine!


HaPpY bIrThDaY!

Happy Birthday to Katie !!  Katie turned 12 todaaay!!  :) <3  ♥

Hope you have the besst birthdaaaaaaaay ! :D :D ! <3 ♥! ♥

 ,, , tell me what your gifts are if you reaad this :D !  ☻ ♥


Puurple Day! :D **

Today is purple day :) I only wore a purple shirt and socks; :)) but I wore a pink bow. . :)


Thanks -Giving Long weekend! :D and Snoww!! :) && New Doors! :D **

For thanks giving, My dad and brother isn't here :) so me and my mom are gonna go out and drive to Elbow or Something and Have something there :) I am excited but then Im not, :)




! ! !  OK! So ;) There is snow on the grounndd! That is wonderful !! But coold* ! 

I was outside playing around with my dog in it and she was eating the snow ;I  It was really nice because when I went inside, I had hot chocolate and we have new doors and you can see outside perfectly now ; )

But insidee my house . , it was FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZING ! ** >:( So I turned on the fireplace :) and watched CSI :D !



It was a good nightt :)!!


Bar code!

This is my name in Bar code:) Yesterday was the 57th anniversity of the bar code!! Cool


red day.. ;) *(skittles .. *)

Today is red day  of the skittles week :D! Skitles week is where you dress in the color of the skittles ;)!:D

Today : Red.

Tuseday :) : Greeen.

Wednesday : yelloooww...

Thursday : orange.

Friday!:D : purple!

For red day ..........


I wore a red scarf - - turned it into a belt :D

and a little hair thingy :D

<3 :)


ottawaa(:! ..

In 2010, my parents are talking about moving to Ottawa:D! I am excited because they is way more malls, and Lindsay, my best friend who lives in Victoria might be moving there, and I also have alot of friends in Ottawa. I am sad because I have TONS of friends in Moose jaw, and I will always have more freedom here. :)


Mayor Or Council ? ♥

WinkI wouldn't run for either, but if I had to I would run for a council. Wink If I HAD  to be mayor, For moose jaw, I wouldn't tear down old buildings for the Mulitiplex or just because they need more room for houses, I would keep all them up, and if we needed more house's I would turn them into condo's and apartments. I would also make sure Moose jaw is clean, and well kept. I would also donate alot of money to the Animal Shelter. I would plant lots of flowers and make Moose Jaw look clean.

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