Im sooooooooooooo excited tommorow is halloween and me and a group of friends are going as zombie models. Were going to get a lot of candy I hope. Today we also learned about the history of halloween. It was really intresting actually it turns out that some of the history of halloween came from scareing away the dead. bye



 I was out at my grandmas acridge for thanksgiving on sunday it was really fun most of my family was there all except for some of my cousins but they live in Coledale. ON sunday we went to my other Grandmas witch was really fun cause she lives on a farm and i love her horses. We also got to jump on the hay bails she has (wich i know is dangerous) but its fun and the haybails werent stacked on top of each other so technically it wasnt that dangerous when you think about it we just ran along them and had races. I still wished we could of stayed longer I Love the farm the only bad thing about the farm is that........My moms alergic.


Marianas Trench

Im really excited im going to a Marianas Trench concert and there like one of my favorite bands. The concert is going to be awsome and i know a lot of other people who r going so im excited. The only bad thing about it is that its on a thursday and we have school the next day.



Yesterday was the anniversery of the barcodes before the barcode they had to put stickers on the products.This is my name in barcode.


Volleyball Tornument

We had are second Volleyball tornument this weekend it was fun I guess. We mostly palyed at our school since us and paliser heights hosted it. We had 8 or 7 games to play i forget how many but i made all of them but the last two because I had a wedding reception to go to. The volleyball tornument was fun except i was really tired by the end and we didnt beet any one of the teams but somehow i thin were in second to last in the torrnument. Or wait no i think we beet palisser height though but i wasnt at that game so i cant be sure