This Halloween I going  with the food drive with my friend Jason and we trick or treat too then after we are going to Jasons house and hang out. and i am not dressing up.





On Saturday morning me my dad and his friend went to walkamo. They walk and I biked, we wnet in theses sweet trainls we went bikeing in grass like higher than me the trails were the best in was awesome. at the end of the trail we ended right where we started.




Tomorrow [on Saturday] at 5:00 Iam going to westmount for basketball triouts, well it is not triouts it is just the people that sign up go there we do drills and stuff the all the coaches go in a different room and diced on teams. Lastyear my team was the Blazers and the year before that it was the Knicks then I played in grade 2 but I don't rememder my team name. I just had evaluations on saturdayat wesmont I got the same team name again the Blazes and I had 2 coaches last year and I got them again plus aanother coach.


On my touch. Well right now I am on my ipod I can type it on the entry thing so I did it on here.


Cell phones

You know what I think about cell phones you don't need them like why text your freind call him/her on your home phone and plus when some freinds are right beside each other the are not talking they text eachother.