H1N1 Needles ☻!!!!

Today we got our H1N1 shots, they never hurt at all. I didn't even feel mine !!! I didn't feel the needle go into me. People were making such a big deal before they got the needles, but now there like "The needle didn't even hurt." ♥ I got a Bugs Bunny bandaid after words from Warner Bros. ♥!!! And now our teacher is gonna' take a picture of all our bandaids!!  See Yah! Laughing


Science Centre Sleepout!! ♥

Last night was so fun!! Yesterday @ 5:00pm we went to the Saskatchewan's Science Centre in Regina for a sleepout!! With our whole class and some other grade 7s from a different class. tongue It was so fun! The theam for the Risk It All Camp was gambling and taking chances. I learned not to gamble, not to put silver ware in a toaster, not to run with sissors, and not to put pop rocks and pop together cause it will explode, some of those stuff I already knew. cool We ate pizza, went on the rock climbing wall, watched "Sea Monsters", played trivia games, looked around, played with the stuff, and took pictures! It was the funnest feild trip I ever went to! My favorite part was rock climbing! wink And while I was going down the stairs I fell down the stairs it was so funny!! Hope to have good laughs next time! lol And we went to bed @ 12:00am but I stayed up to around 2:00am with Brett. I had the funnest time with my class and the other class! hope to go back there soon. big grin I love to go there cause it has so much things you can learn! tongue But for now Peace!!! big grinLaughing


Halloween!!! ♥

I'm So Excited!!! Tommorow Is Halloween!!! I'm Going as a Zombie Model with Keyana, Bria, Katie, Ashley, & Of Course Me!!! Haha!!! Halloween Came from Scaring Away The dead Souls So They Wouldn't Take Over the Human Beings while they were trying to find there bodys.



Today is My Friends Birthday, Happy Birthday Katie!!!!!


Barcode!!! ♥

Yesterday on the 7th of October was the 57th anniversary for the barcode.

Here is My name in barcode...

You can make your own barcode name @ http://www.adazonusa.com/barcode_generator.php

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