Science Centre

Yesterday we went to the Science Centre and we had an awesome time but we had to get up at seven in the morning. AND WENT TO BED AT 12:30! WEnt on the rockwall climbing wall and made it all the way to the top. Very proud of myself! After we got off the wall we just ran around the Science Centre and played with all the interesting, Science themed things they had around there. I also slept on the hard floor without a pillow and only inside my sleeping bag, oops! My friend Leah also got to go on the GyroGym and she looked like she had a blast! Melissa also got to do this thing where she stood on a platform and, it had something to do with atoms where it made her hair fizz and electricity cracked through her hair. 



Halloween is the most fun night of the year (except for christmas), otherwise it is the funnest and I am once again going as scream this year and going to holdfast sk. It is about 45 mins away from here. But we were talking about the true Halloween this morning and I think that the whole devil getting trapped in the tree and the goblins and witches were not true, but I like what we have turned into today. I have the information that the day of the dead in Mexico is also realted to halloween and think that is really messed up because they celebrate that there friends and family are dead they celbrate this day for this god they worship called Mictecacihuatl. I think it neat though.


Z99 Was Right Mother Nature Is Drunk....

Yesterday on Z99 they were talking aout how mother nature was not making the worlds weather patterns easy to follow. We were listening listening and heard that is was supposed to get up 23`C on Friday and be sunny. I say good luck with that and that it wont happen because its minus one right now and think that weather station is wrong, yet again.


Oh no! I fell, a long ways

I went to a farm outside of Avonlea on Sunday for thanksgiving and it was a cool farm with lots of animals and dogs and cats and bunnies but when you go to there house there is a slope and then over a 6 foot bridge. It was eight o clock and pitch black out and the dog had chased out a cyote out from the yard and then I ran after the dog not knowing there was the bridge and ran to the edge of it. Then the bridge had snow on it and I was on the snow not the bridge and the snow collapsed and I fell down the side of thebridge down to the ground and then the snow fell on me, I was wearing jeans and a sweater, it sucked.


56th years for the bar code

It was the 56th years yesterday that the bar code was invented and I made my name in bar code! It is pretty neat and found that the bar code isnt that long and think that its cool how like everybody in the world does this and has been used everywghere since!