SmileHalloween was originated from "Hallows Eve"The Day, "Hallows Eve" is when all the spirits come back to find their bodies.  The people believed they could scare off these spirits by dressing up in scary costumes and putting bright lights around the area.  Hallows Eve has been around for over 2000 years.  

*Fun Fact* October 31st the last day of the year for the Celtics.


Im in Manitoba!

Hey everybody I'm in Manitoba. I am having a great time here. The car ride was not that long but we got there around eight o clock because we made a lot of stops. I have been doing homework you will be happy to know mrs kerney. I have been playing wii , playing board games with my family, sledding, playing at this awesome park by my cabin and just basicly having fun! I am staying at the Elk Horn resort in Manitoba and the cabin I'm staying in was just renovated and and it is beautiful! Sorry if I am spelling spelling things wrong and my punctuation is bad, I am blogging on my dads blackberry. I hope I am not missing to much at school. Ill see you all later! Please comment. Tell mrs kerney II blogged! AndrÄ


I am leaving for Manitoba on Sunday!!!  I will be gone for a week and I will write about it when I come back!! Ill miss you all!!! lol

C Ya!!! =)

Andra <3


Happy Birthday Katie!!!

Happy 12 Birthday Katie!!! Hey everybody.  Today is Katies 12 birthday so you if you are reading this, you better go wish her a happy birthday!!  Can't you imagine what it would be like if nobody remebered your birthday or didnt even say happy birthday to you?   GO WISH KATIE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!




The Barcode Anniversary

Yesterday, it was the barcodes anniversary.  The barcode has been around for 57 years!!!  I made a barcode with my name in it and I attatched it to my blog.  Please comment!!!  Go to http://www.adazonusa.com/barcode_generator.php to maske your own barcode!Laughing


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