I had so much fun on hallawenn it was a blast. Me, Colby, and Daniel at went trick or treating. We went to over 200 house and i filled up my pillow case for the first time. I could not beleive all the candy i got it was CRAZY. My pillow case was so hevie that when i was making my way back home it ripped. I was a gangster, colby was a agent, and daniel was ghost rider. I think halloween is a great holiday if you don't think about all the deams and ghost that other people do. I also don't think it is a night where all the sperits come and try to find a body and if the do they will take over the body so ya. What do you think of halloween? What were you for halloween? Did you get alot of candy?


SNOW :( :(

Oooh my goodnes it is snowing out about two weeks ago it was 3o ubove and now it is snowing like seriously what is up with mother nature. There is a bright side to snow thought my faviourite sport takes place in winter and that is snowboarding. On my free time i also love tobogganing with friend. but i have the 20 blow with 50 km wind which always seems to happen in the winter so ya. What do you think of the snow this early? Do you think it will stay?


Bar Code

Wow yesterday was the 57th anniversary for the bar code. Do you think the bar code changed the way of shopping. Ask your grand parents if they remember when there was know bar code.



Running For Mayor

Well today I am going to blog about what it would be like to run for mayor. I would not not want to run for councel i think mayor would be funner (more fun). For my platform i would say i am going to try to fix most of the roads for instence think the road comming to our school it is so bumpy it is not eveb funny. I would also make and recreation center it would be like the kingsman but it would have an olympic size pool with diving boards, wave pool, and a masave waterslid park. It the building there would also be laser tag, and go cat racing. So it would basicly be for kids because in moose jaw there is know fun activities to do except swimming and that gets boaring after awile. So VOTE FOR ME.


Cell Phones...............Good or Bad

Well in the classroom we have been talking about cell phones a lot. One of the descutions was that Mrs.Kerney told us that on the news people are calling them electronic leashs. They are calling them that because say you were at the park for three hours, your parents would not know were or what you were doing for those three hours. But if you had a phone you could text your child every 30 min. Now yes I think that is really true and actually a really good thought. Do I have a cell phone NO!. Do I want a cell phone YES!!. Am I aloud to get one no!. Ya it really sucks but I am hopeing to get one for christmas. What do you think about cell phones? do you think it is good for youg kids to have a cell phone? Does it annoy you to see kids with there heads in there phone?

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