Halloween is on Saturday and I am really excited because one of my best friends is coming to visit from Weyburn and is going to trick or treat with Destiny, Katie, Keyanna and me. We are all going as Canada's next top Zombie Model except for Ashley she is going as a devil. I think that schools should let children dress up in there costumes at school because as long as there not really scary and because children are going to see the costumes on Halloween night anyway.


Vollyball ♥

I love vollyball but I only made the B team which I am sad about. Our team has played two games and we lost all the sets on both games. I hope we do better on our next game which is on Monday. I think it is at a diffrent school I'm not sure though.


My name in barcode!!!! ♥

that's my name in barcode Laughing

Today is the anniversary of the first bar code ever scanned.


Skittles Week/ Red Day :>

This week is skittles week were everyday you have to dress up as the color of a skittle. I kind of have to dress up because I am on the SLC spirit days comitee. Monday which is today is red day the tomorrrow/Tuesday is green day Wednesday is yellow day Thursday Orange day and finallly Friday is Purple day. I have no idea what I am going to wear for all the days because I don't really wear some of those colors today I wore my moms stuff except for my shirt and headband.


Mayor or Council

If I was 18 and wanted to run for something I would peobably want to run for council because I wouldn't want to run the whole thing. My platform wojuld probably be to try to keep some of the older parts of the city but still expand and build new business so people would have a job to support there familys. I would probably build the multiplex because it would bring in tourist but it also means raising taxes.

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